Jhana Starblade (jhanastarblade) wrote in kappa_gamma_psi,
Jhana Starblade


This is for Kappa

After recent events in Virginia its hard to know how to feel, or what to write to those of you who are still in college, but I feel compelled to do so. Kappa is a family. We all have family in college now. Higher learning was dealt a tremendous blow this week to the feeling of security all students should have on campuses everywhere.

I am reminded by our hymn of Kappa's special gift to the college community, and feel it most appropriate to remind all of you -

"He who is upright, kind and free from error, needs not the aid of arms or men to guide him, safely he moves, a child through guilty terror, strong in his virtue,".

Because this is our hymn, our creed, our song to sing, we embody a light most precious in dark times such as these. We as Kappas remember that if we are doing our job in the world to be the best people we can be, we don't need to lean on crutches like guns and we don't rely on others to make our decisions for us. We will never be lone gunmen. We will never be as lost as this person was because as Kappas we aspire to better our own virtues, and we gain a sense of peace from that. This simple aspiration to be good people, beats back the tides of guilt, fear and despair in our lives. I truly wish this poor soul had a home to go to like Kappa because perhaps if he did then he and thirty three of his classmates would still be alive. That is the safety we live for ourselves and the safety we can offer everyone whose lives we touch.

Remember our hymn. Lead by example. Love everyone. You have a gift. You have a mission. You have a family. Its not just a song if you live it.
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