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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have taken on the task of organizing a "Week of Philanthropy" for Kappa Gamma Psi Fraternity! And it's going to be awesome. The week will tentatively be some time in April of 2009. A small group of volunteers, myself included, is going to work hard to make it easier for you to give to your communities during the WoP and beyond. Here are some of the ideas already on my list...

- Although a small group of volunteers will be working on things for a while in advance, major "gearing up" for the WoP will begin about a month prior to the week itself.

- During that month, we will...
a) Ask members for some of their favorite stories of philanthropy (volunteering, donating money, donating goods, donating blood, etc...).
b) Solicit donations of items to be auctioned for charity by the fraternity (can be sent to me for auctioning on Ebay, if weight, bulk, and value are reasonable).
c) Survey members about where they will be during the WoP, when they will be available, how much time, money , or goods they might be willing to donate, and what types of volunteering and donation they are interested in.
d) Research opportunities for philanthropy for each participating member, generating a report for them, and even actively helping to facilitate volunteering.

- During the WoP, we will...
a) Auction items on Ebay, giving all proceeds to a selected non-profit organization (Ebay has a special mechanism for that!).
b) Keep track of the time, money, goods, and blood that our members donate in connection with the WoP.
c) Post frequent updates on our progress to the website.
d) Send daily emails to those who opted into receiving them including updates as well as suggestions for philanthropic opportunities that members could pursue during the week and beyond. Also to include philanthropy stories we received.
e) Keep in touch with participants, offering logistical help, where possible, to make their philanthropic efforts more successful.

- At the end of the week, we will...
a) Announce the tally of how much money was donated, how much funds were raised for charity, what goods were donated, how many member-hours were volunteered, etc....
b) Publicly recognize all members who participated.
c) Give an award and special recognition to a member who showed outstanding devotion to the effort during the week!

- I will be seeking partnerships between Kappa Gamma Psi and philanthropic organizations such as the HandOn Network and Global Vision International to get you benefits like discounts on philanthropy related expenditures with your Kappa Gamma Psi member card.


I have a lot of ideas down already (more than I've outlined above, even). But ... I WANT _YOU'RE_ IDEAS!!! Give them to me. Now. How can I make the Week of Philanthropy even better? What would make you more inclined to participate? What would make it more rewarding for you?

Ian K. Schleifer

P.S. I'd like to encourage all of you to choose active membership in Kappa Gamma Psi by paying the optional national dues of $20 (lasts a whole year!).

We want your participation! But also, we can do the WoP better if we have a budget. ;-)

Plus there are a lot of other things we can do if we have a budget too! And as an active member, you can help decide what we do together!
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