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VILLAINS RECITAL at Convention!!! :-D

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our next national convention will be happening in Boston, MA on July 17th - 19th this year! Mark your calendars!

This convention will have a RECITAL, of course. That's not unusual for a Kappa convention. But this year, the recital will be THEMED. Our theme is... VILLAINS! There will be opportunities for all kinds of performances at the convention, but we'd particularly like to encourage villain-themed performances at the recital.

Also, this year we'd like to put in extra effort to make sure we put our best foot forward, performance-wise, for the non-members who will be in our audience. So ... START PLANNING YOUR PERFORMANCES NOW! What I would really appreciate from everyone at this time is a list of performances you're thinking of. It doesn't have to be even close to final and it is in no way binding. Just let me know what ideas are floating around in your head and any basic requirements for those ideas (accompaniment, additional singers / actors, sets, A/V equipment, etc...). Sending me a _little_ info is much better than sending me none!

If you're _looking_ for performance ideas or for performers to collaborate with, let me know that too! I may be able to help match people and ideas. :-)

Let's make this our best recital to date by getting the ball rolling NOW!!!

Ian K. Schleifer

P.S. Let me know that you want to be involved with the upcoming Week of Philanthropy, even at a cursory level. (Hint: You DO want to be involved!)
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